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All sites are delivered respecting W.3.C. norms.
Accessibility norms (W.C.A.G. with a minimum of level A) and AA or AAA for those who request it.

ESL, Caycedien sophrology school

Sophrology school in France

The accredited sophrology school teaches in Paris and around Nimes-Montpellier in southern France.

They needed a content site to showcase the school and all their activities and provide a directory of sophrologists. The website is fully manageable by the school.



Complete website design [ xhtml 1.0 Strict - css2 - C.M.S. ]

Joberwocky, training company

Joberwocky, Internet website

This training company wanted a website to present its training catalog. Since they need to update their information on a regular basis, a CMS website was necessary.

This website had to follow an already existing paper catalog while offering a more dynamic approach.



Complete website design [ xhtml strict 1.0 - css2&3 - CMS ]

Ricardo López Aranda, Spanish playwright

Lopez-Aranda, Spanish theater writer

The official website for the famous Spanish playwright, Ricardo López Aranda (1934 - 1996).

Many content pages are integrated into a complex architecture that allows for easy modifications.



Complete website design, webmastering [ xhtml 1.0 - css2 ]


Sandie Poussau, relaxologist

Sandie Poussau, relaxologist

Sandie Poussau specializes in relaxology and sophrology. She already had a website but wanted to add more energy to it as well as improve her search engine optimization.

The website was optimized, pages were added including a contact form, and thanks to the search engine optimization work, she reached a brand new visibility.


Website optimization, addition of pages, SEO [ html 4.0.1 - css2 - Flash ]

Ligne et Couleur, contemporary furniture

Site Ligne et Couleur, contemporary furniture

This company wished to add examples of their work on their existing website.

A page was created, showcasing their various space designs. The website was also optimized.




Creation of the virtual art gallery. Optimization [ xhtml 1.0 - css2 ]

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