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References / Portfolio

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In the following pages, you will find some of our website design references.

All sites are delivered respecting W.3.C. norms.
Accessibility norms (W.C.A.G. with a minimum of level A) and AA or AAA for those who request it.

Latest web creations

Playa Bella Delaware # Incoretech, toute l'informatique # Psynergie Ingénierie # ADM - Industrial cleaning # Philippe Sachet # Swiss Association of Professional Sophrologists # Paris Canal # Réparation imprimante laser # Mavy Formation # TeamGestion # Institut Milton Erickson # Académie d'entreprise # School of Sophrologie in Switzerland # François Lavoie Formation # Pro Net Services # Académie Franco Suisse de Sophrologie # Catherine Guigon # Incoreweb # Print Audit France # Psynergie - Bruno Bertrand # Mutirenov # Hypsos la Réunion # Azerty # Société des Artistes Français # David Pell Multimédia # I&D, Institutions et Développement

Franfinance, subsidiary of the Societe Generale bank

Video trailer Franfinance

Creation of a trailer designed to introduce the company both in French and English.

The sound track was used on their website as well as in all other promotions.


Flash animation design and development - Music selection and integration [ Flash ]


New-tone, model maker

New-tone site, Model Maker in Paris

New-tone workshop had a website designed 100% in Flash that was no longer providing what was expected. They wished to re-do their website with 3 major points in mind: Keeping the design, adding a news page and making the website readable for search engines.

The entire website was then redone in "htlm" while keeping the photo gallery in Flash and correcting it so it could be updated easily.


Complete website overhaul, webmastering [ xhtml 1.0 - css2 - Flash ]

Mid-Capital - MidCap Alliance, an international network of investment banks


We created a customized search engine. After studying various data of transactions from 9 companies and 9 different countries, we offered some combinations of variables to the client. We also showed them different options of presentation in order to homogenize both data and results in a specific search.

The development of a search engine which generates images and PDF was created so they can be used in their PowerPoint presentations.


Creating a search engine, choice of variables and study to integrate these data in PDF files [ xhtml 1.0 Strict – css 2 - php - CMS ]

Green Plants Extracts

green plant extracts, plant extract supplier

This innovative company studies plant extracts and natural ingredients for the health and food industry. Because their target is mainly abroad they wanted a better visibility in countries such as the United States, China or Canada...

We have changed and updated the website and illustrated a whole range of plant extracts. Nevertheless the original CMS, which had to be kept for budgetary reasons, cannot allow for a full optimization of the website.


Search Engine Optimization [ html 4.01 - css - asp - CMS ]

Training Express, business language courses

Training Express, Language courses web-site

Training Express wanted to change their image, so we designed a new logo and created a website for them.

Technical integration is being done at their location with their own tools (i.e.: C.M.S....)




Logo creation, website design and CSS, structure and content [ xhtml 1.0 - css2 ]

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