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Logo Pixels Carrés

Logo Pixels Carrés

Who are we?

Two partners with different professional backgrounds founded Pixels Carres in 2008.

Verónica López-Aranda is an economist that worked for a long time as a marketing strategy consultant in Bruxelles, Paris, London and Geneva, developing market research.

She specialized in the web in 1998.

Since then, she has learned more and more about search engines and how to best utilize them. Her love of writing adds to her specialty and makes her an expert at positioning websites.

She is an expert certified by Google and Microsoft (Advertising Ads and Google Analytics).

Stéphane Large is a movie director, specializing in documentaries and company videos. In 1991, he became passionate about all kinds of computer and technical skills,
and got involved in the web in 1999.

Always with a creative spirit, he started to design websites in 2000. His mastery in today’s web and various technologies allows better Internet accessibility.

The environmental issue of web infrastructures becoming more and more present, he tries to create sites with the lightest possible impact in terms of energy spent.
If you are interested in this question, you can test your sites on ecoindex.fr.

Pixels Carrés works regularly with 2 designers and 2 developers, depending on the specifics of each project.

We decided to create this company in order to bring you our experience, knowledge and expertise of the web,
and to make it accessible to as many as possible.

A listening and caring team at your service!