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Logo Pixels Carrés

Logo Pixels Carrés

Some references

We present here only some creations of sites

Indian Ocean School of Hpnopraxy

Site Fichter, Ecole d'Hpnopraxie de l'Océan Indien


Complete overhaul of the website after Dr. Chedeau's training activities were taken over by the Centre Fichter on Reunion Island.

The Indian Ocean Hypnopraxis School offers training courses for medical and paramedical professions.

The site also features a directory of practitioners trained in hypnosis and hypnopraxy.


  • Complete website overhaul
    [ html5 ]
  • Wordpress
  • Webmastering & Updates conten

New-tone, model maker

Site New-tone, Model Maker Paris

New-tone workshop had a website designed 100% in Flash that was no longer providing what was expected. They wished to re-do their website, adding some pages and making the website readable for search engines. The entire website was then redone in "html".

The old galleries were lightened and purified to highlight the achievements of the workshop.

In 2016, the website evolved again to offer an even more streamlined and responsive version.

In 2019, a new, even more streamlined site redesign. Presentation of the new 3D service of new-tone.

In 2022, addition of photo galleries, presenting some architectural models made by the new-tone workshop.


  • Complete website overhaul
    [ html5 ]
  • Webmastering & Updates content
  • Video encoding


Site Incoretech

Following our work on a first e-commerce site of the client (incore) that we had recovered along the way, in order to get it back on track. We collaborated again together for the complete creation of his second e-commerce site dedicated to the sale of computer hardware.

The website has been developed with Prestashop, so it can manage its products easily.

We ensure the regular maintenance of both websites, which allows him to concentrate on his online sales activity.


  • Complete website overhaul
    [ html5 ]
  • Creation of the logo
  • Prestashop
  • Development of dedicated functionalities
  • Technical maintenance of the site

Sonia Winogradoff

Sonia Winogradoff, photographer

Sonia Winogradoff, architect and photographer, wanted a website to present her work.

Different galleries present his photographic work.

She manages the texts, the photos, the presentations via Wordpress.

There was no specific work on referencing so as to leave it free of any technical contingencies related to referencing and thus be able to give free rein to the writing of texts or menus.


  • Complete website overhaul
    [ html5 ]
  • Wordpress
  • Technical maintenance of the site

Paris Canal

Cruises on the Seine from Paris Canal

Paris Canal wanted to completely revamp its web presence in 2018.

We worked with them to completely revise the structure of the offers and the design of the website. We also created the new maps presenting the itineraries in 3D and 2D according to the cruises presented.

The development was made on Wordpress so that the company can easily manage internally the different cruises.


  • Complete website overhaul
    [ html5 ]
  • Wordpress
  • Internal update by the client
  • Technical maintenance of the site

DP Multimédia, agence de photographes

DP Multimédia, photo agency

This agency, directed by photographer David Pell, takes professional photos, produces institutional films, and organizes events around photo and video using interactive terminals.

We realized for them a purified website so that the various achievements as well photo as video are highlighted.


  • Complete website overhaul
    [ html5 ]
  • Encoding videos for the web
  • Technical maintenance of the site & Updates content

MGA - architectes

Site, MGA-architecte, Agence Maureen Gâté

The architectural firm MGA wanted a website which respected their image, as well as their existing graphics.

The main purpose was legibility, simplicity and accessibility.


  • Complete website overhaul
    [ html5 ]
  • Technical maintenance of the site & Updates content

Advior - ex Mid-Capital -

Advior, Réseau International de sociétés de fusions et acquisitions

We created a customized search engine. After studying various data of transactions from 9 companies and 9 different countries, we offered some combinations of variables to the client. We also showed them different options of presentation in order to homogenize both data and results in a specific search./p>

The development of a search engine which generates images and PDF was created so they can be used in their PowerPoint presentations.

Today the site has changed its name and management several times, the engine is used internally to display certain transactions.


  • Creating a search engine, choice of variables and study to integrate these data in PDF files

Pixels Carrés?... With them, all goes smoothly!!!

First of all, they're very nice and their welcome is so pleasant. But most of all, they're very knowledgeable. With them, technology no longer feels like Chinese, but even then they take care of it all...

They offer creative and innovative ideas, they anticipate problems and their solutions and their websites are lively. Since they re-did ours, visits have increased! They even provide us with full reports on visitors...

Even if you don't think you need them, invent a reason to do so in order not to pass them by... it would be such a shame!!!

Sonia Winogradoff, Ligne et Couleur