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The Web at your image

Pixels Carres specializes in creating personalized websites, not pre-defined, pre-designed or based on ownership systems. We’re using Open Source content management software and standard language.

Depending on your needs and budget, your presence on the web will be optimized and made more profitable with a search engine optimization.

We design industry specific websites (e.g., corporations, businesses of all sizes, associations, artists, artisans…)
We pay particular attention to your website ergonomics, navigation and usability.

You can ask for a specific design or let us create it so it reflects you, your ideas and your image!



We create websites with a precise optimization, allowing the correct indexing on search engines, in order to avoid any bad surprises when you decide to invest in search engine positioning. Some websites need to be entirely redone if, right from the beginning, they were not designed with that in mind. Optimizing at conception is crucial to avoid expensive fees later on.

If you own a website and would like to optimize it or make it fit visibility norms, we can audit it and give you our opinion on what it will take to update it.

Website visibility graph analysis


Going further than website design, we offer real strategies for short or long term search engine optimization, based on your needs.

Make yourself more visible thanks to search engine optimization!

They talk about it

  • Pixels Carrés is first and foremost a listening team. What kind of enterprise could respond to its clients without listening? That was the first step for Stephane and Veronica: listening to us and understanding our needs.
    Pixels Carrés succeeded in respecting the image that I wanted to create for B24-06, as well as responding to the web technical constraints; constraints I didn't know anything about! I now have a pleasant website: visitors find the information they seek in 1 or 2 clicks, navigation is simple, and the key words used for the natural search engine optimization are very efficient.

    Best of all: I kept control of all changes (adding or subtracting a page, news, photo changes, etc.) To sum Pixels Carrés up: simplicity, efficiency and respect of deadlines!

    Julie Abrahami, B2406's founder

    Literal translations from the French (please, ignore grammatical errors...)

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  • I called on Pixels Carrés to redo my website for one very precise reason: a person I know noticed amazing responses to her website thanks to the one created by Stephane and Veronica. I was intrigued and curious. I really appreciated their way of thinking and their work ethics based on great professionalism and a very appropriate manner of communicating.
    I also learned a lot, I was very lucky! Two things appeared major in their approach: their way to center it all around the client and the in-depth work on search engine optimization. The blend of these two crucial points allowed me to offer an interesting website, pleasant to the eye, simple to read and most of all, efficient in my communicating with my clients. It’s a real tool that helps me to get known, present my products and incites people to come to me. It works very well and the feedback I get is very positive.

    Claude Flück, consultant


  • Additionally to Stephane and Veronica’s courtesy, Pixels Carré acted quickly, efficiently and with great technical know-how during the revamping and updating of our website. And unlike many, they were great pedagogues and never used incomprehensible professional jargon.

    Eric Fiessinger, New-tone's president


    We are very satisfied with Pixels Carres' performance: a good understanding of what we wanted for our website, a creative approach (ergonomics and design), a constant follow-up and help.

    Leïla Chaix de Lavarène


    I wanted to express my gratitude and satisfaction for the help, advice and availability you showed me.

    Charlotte Benoist, lawyer


  • I want to thank you for the quality of your work and much more for your warmth and your listening that allowed me to obtain a result so close to who I am. The creation of my website and its search engine optimization are like the birth of a child... so we made a beautiful baby together. Thanks again for your help.

    Sandie Poussau, relaxologist



    The Mid-capital team is delighted to work with Pixels Carres on the development of its web activities. The Pixels Carres' team has demonstrated time and again its availability, efficiency and out of the box imagination required for the effectual development of first class web based solutions.

    John Marshall, Coordinator of the Mid-capital Network


  • Pixels Carrés?... With them, all goes smoothly!!!
    First of all, they're very nice and their welcome is so pleasant. But most of all, they're very knowledgeable. With them, technology no longer feels like Chinese, but even then they take care of it all... They offer creative and innovative ideas, they anticipate problems and their solutions and their websites are lively. Since they re-did ours, visits have increased! They even provide us with full reports on visitors... Even if you don't think you need them, invent a reason to do so in order not to pass them by... it would be such a shame!!!

    Sonia Winogradoff, Ligne et Couleur



  • The most remarkable characteristic about our work with PX was their capacity to listen to our needs and wants, to reflect on them, and to come back with an innovative and creative proposal. It reinforced our initial idea while improving it considerably, on both content impact and graphics. Now, if you add to it a quick and efficient execution of the project, as well as their excellent client treatment, you end up with a company that goes far beyond being a simple supplier, to become a strategic partner. In such a crowded and low-quality sector, finding real professionals like PX was a real pleasure.

    Development & Marketing Director, Training Express



  • I thank you everyday.
    Thanks to Veronica's amazing search engine optimization, my company is no longer in crisis. My website now brings me an unimaginable amount of customers. It's almost magic! As for my technical questions, they never stay unanswered: Stephane is an Apple well of erudition. Thank you for rescuing me from my many technical problems. And to think that all this competence is accompanied by smiles and kindness... I highly recommend them!

    Christiane Nebon, Text'a


    Pixels Carrés really listened to how I wanted my website to be perceived. They were able to propose new and clear ideas. Their patience during our work was exemplary and their availability was very much appreciated. I am delighted with our cooperation and I completely trust them with the management of my website.

    Maureen Gâté, Architect


Pixels Carrés is a web agency certified Google Partner


We can take care of developing your campaign of sponsored links (Google Ads, Microsofy Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads…) so that you appear rapidly on most search engines.

If you’d rather go for the best in search engine optimization, we will manually place your website on Google, according to the appropriate keywords (as determined by our market research which analyzes demand and competition).

Other publicity and marketing strategies can also be utilized in order to make your website more profitable (e.g., writing and publicizing press releases, creating partnerships, helping in the choice of affiliations…)

The creation of qualified traffic towards your website is an art that will often bring together several avenues of marketing and search engine optimization according to your products and services. That’s why we always offer a manual search engine optimization and a webmarketing strategy fitting your needs and budget.

Search engine optimization fitting your needs
and budget!

  • Franfinance flash animation
  • Web design mga-architectes
  • Web design New-Tone workshop
  • Web design Drumming Lab


Performance and profitability

distribution of visitors: search engines, referring sites, direct access

Reports on statistics, competition analysis and positioning can be provided so we can assess cost effectiveness and return on investment (R.O.I.) of the actions chosen, as always according to your needs.

A good search engine optimization is like having your own marketing team finding clients and nurturing them.

Search engine optimization is like having your own marketing team!



A website, unlike what one might believe, doesn’t sustain itself. That’s why we suggest that, unless you have real knowledge in the matter, you outsource your webmastering.

We can tailor your webmastering: keeping a technical lookout on your site as well as forums, newsletters, timely updating, technical evolution, complete animation of your website...

We can also help with updates of content management system websites C.M.S.

Training is also available to help you manage your website, your news and internal forums.

Pixels Carres specializes in taking care of your website so you don’t have to!

Respect of standards and accessibility

We create websites that respect web standards, defined by the W.3.C. in order to offer best accessibility and visibility no matter which browser is being used. If you’d like to know more about web standards, don’t hesitate to read Tristan Nitot's article (French article), published on Open web.

So that your visitors have maximal visibility, we pay close attention to ergonomics, image optimization and simple navigation maps. That way, your clients find the information they need in just a few clicks.

If needed, we also offer handicap access, according to accessibility rules (WAI-AAA) as defined by W.C.A.G. norms.

Accessibility is a vast subject and we try to bring solutions so that websites are accessible by all. We try our best and if you’d like to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can make your website visible for all!

Test your website accessibility:

access evaluation tool

Simplicity, Quality and Efficiency

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