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All sites are delivered respecting W.3.C. norms.
Accessibility norms (W.C.A.G. with a minimum of level A) and AA or AAA for those who request it.

Anne Richardt, lawyer

Richardt, Lawyer website

A lawyer specializing in business law who wanted a very simple website, in order to keep a presence on the web.

The format and colors of the website are aligned with her office paperwork.
A meticulous work of accessibility was done.



Complete website design, webmastering [ xhtml 1.0 - css2 ]

Cinepress, Where You Can Find Movie Press Kits

Cinepress, Cinema website

Cinepress is a website designed for collectors of movie press kits.

We created their website in 2000, and since then, it evolved a few times. It contains a very large database in press kits, as well as information to help visitors find what they seek.
A discussion forum was then added to expand the interaction with visitors.


Complete website design, logo creation, website maintenance and mediation of the forum [ html 4.0.1 - css2 ]

b.24-06, the first luxurious sport coaching company

Home Club Med Gym

This agency provides at-home sport coaching. They wanted to update their website and attract new customers.

After a full website optimization and its enhancement, using relevant and targeted content, we helped them define their web marketing strategy and attract new customers by creating banners, email campaigns, Adwords campaigns and tailored landing pages.

Creating and editing web pages, content writing. Creation of banners, Adwords and mailing campaigns. Website Optimization [xhtml 1.0 Strict - css 2 - Joomla CMS]

Ligne et Couleur, the association of architects that paint, sculpt or engrave

Ligne et Couleur, Association of architects

The association's website didn't fit their needs or tastes.

The new website was entirely redone with a purposefully minimalist design. The website is about to undergo another transformation in order to make it more accessible and more functional for the various art galleries.


Complete website design, maintenance and updates [ xhtml 1.0 - css2 ]

TEXT'A, micro publishing

Texta, Micro edition

This company never knew they could fully utilize their website.

We didn't re-do it but added pages (text and contact info) in order to allow an optimal search engine optimization. Many corrections as well as technical optimization were necessary to allow the website to be seen, no matter which browser was being used.

A complete search engine optimization work was undergone in order for the website to find its clientele.
For many years, this website has been producing 0% in returns, while today, about 70% of its clientele comes from it.


Search engine optimization, repairing and maintenance [ html 4.0.1 - css ]

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